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DECEMBER 27, 2021

Dr B has plenty of kindness and humanity in his DNA. He has a wealth of knowledge and shares it with everyone around him.

– Michael M

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    Medical Services

    Bioidentical Therapy

    Bioidentical Therapy

    As women age, their ovaries are programmed to shut down their function.

    IV Vitamin Therapy

    IV Vitamin Therapy

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    Dr. Bhuiya treats patients with alcohol and prescription medication addiction.

    Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    Under medical supervision, losing the weight and keeping it off is attainable.

    Hair Transplant

    Hair Transplant

    The impacts of hair loss are emotionally distressing. While creams and pills. helpful

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    Botox | Dysport Jeuveau | Xeomin

    Botox | Dysport Jeuveau | Xeomin

    Botox is a purified botulinum toxin and is used to soften facial lines and wrinkles.

    Dermal Fillers


    Dr. Bhuiya has perfected the art of fillers by using a combination of injectable products.

    Long Lasting
    Dermal Fillers

    Dr. Bhuiya has extensive training in the following long lasting dermal fillers

    Long Lasting


    From laser hair removal to skin tightening, Dr. Bhuiya has been trained to provide

    Laser Resurfacing

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    Dr. Bhuiya is always fully focused on helping you to overcame any surgical procedure,
    with great commitment and easy recovery.

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    Dr. Bhuiya
    Welcome to our office!

    Since opening the doors in 2003, Dr. Bhuiya has established a thriving multi-specialty medical office in the heart of the Conejo Valley. Dr. Bhuiya has over two decades of experience and an extremely refined technique. His high level of skill and artistic reputation has lead to the opening of an office in San Fernando. Dr. Bhuiya graduated University of Nevada School of Medicine and then went to USC for his internship. Afterward, he finished his residency in New York at Columbia University.

    Dr. Bhuiya specializes in cosmetic surgery, anti-aging medicine (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy), pain management, internal medicine and addiction medicine (drug and alcohol detox). His mission is to help his patients achieve their medical goals through a multi-specialty approach.

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    Enjoy a Night With Friends
    Exclusive Events

    Exclusive Events

    With the start of the holiday season, we are pleased to announce our Exclusive Events. These are nights of pampering for you and 5-10 (or more) of your closest friends and family. Host an event and enjoy a night in with your friends discovering the newest techniques in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine.

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