The FUE Process

Overplucked or Sparse Eyebrows? Try FUE.

Since each hair graft is transplanted individually, Dr. Bhuiya is able to fill in the places where eyebrows are sparse with precision. Within minutes, eyebrows regain their fullness and symmetry. As the eyebrows continue to grow in, you may trim and dye them since this is your natural hair.

Benefits of FUE

  • no scars or stitches - Donor site will be undetectable within a few days
  • natural - implanted graft follow the same growth direction of recipient site
  • safe - procedure is performed under local anesthetic
  • conveniente - patients may resume normal activity and return to work the next day


Hair Transplant

The impacts of hair loss are emotionally distressing. While creams and pills are helpful, once stopped, the hair loss process continues. The only permanent solution to hair loss is hair transplant.

Through FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Dr. Bhuiya carefully selects the donor site and extracts each hair follicle individually. Once the hair is ready for transplant, Dr. Bhuiya artfully implants each graft to the recipient site ensure a full and natural appearance. Long gone are the days of hair plugs and unnatural "doll head" - get your hair and confidence back with the latest technology of hair restoration.


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